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Family Services Song Tracks and Instructions

DIRECTIONS - Click the + button to read
  • Your songs can be heard below (just scroll down the page!).
  • Learn your song! Even if it’s a song you think you know, make sure you learn it the way you hear it on the recording! That will be very important! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LISTEN TO THE MP3 FILES BELOW! Last month, I had a few kids sing something that was not sent! Don’t record what you think you know–record what I sent!

  • Video record your song! For this, you will need one device to listen to the mp3 file with headphones and the other device will record you. I will be collecting videos on FlipGrid at this link: []. You can either record directly to FlipGrid, or you can make your video on your phone/video recorder and upload that to FlipGrid. See the attached diagram so see how to set up your video. Make sure you SMILE while you are singing or while you are not. 

  • Send in your video! Upload the video to FlipGrid from the previous step if you made the recording using your camera app. If you made your recording using the FlipGrid app, just follow the steps to submit it!


  • Candle Blessing: Jaci Gries & Ben Golbig
  • Shema: WHOLE CLASS
  • V’ahavta: Aaron Weisser
  • Mi Khamokha: Austin Lekof
  • Ose Shalom: Abby Horowitz
  • Ein Keloheinu: Jaci Gries & Emily Geller

Slides for Songs

(use the arrow buttons to slide to your song(s)

1 - Candle Blessing

by Sol Zim | 4th & 5th Grade Family Services

2 - Shema Yisraeil

by Tzvika Pik | 4th & 5th Grade Family Services

3 - V'ahavta

by Michael Isaacson | 4th & 5th Grade Family Services

4 - Mi Khamokha

by Richard Silverman | 4th & 5th Grade Family Services

5 - Ose Shalom

by Nurit Hirsch | 4th & 5th Grade Family Services

6 - Ein Keloheinu

by Joseph Freudenthal | 4th & 5th Grade Family Services

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