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Playing “The Boatswain” in HMS Pinafore

As I had mentioned a few days ago, I had the opportunity and honor of performing with Troupers Light Opera Company in their curtain raiser, “The Magic Knight.” It was through this casting I also got to play “The Boatswain” in Gilbert & Sullivan’s “HMS Pinafore.” (Video included!)

Omer Counting Guide for 2017

I’m happy to share my Omer Counting Guide for 2017. Someone twisted my arm (Ross… I’m looking at you!), so I did this once again. Please look it over once to make sure I didn’t goof on dates or Hebrew. Since being off the pulpit, I might have lost my ability to actually count! But seriously, do use this in good health, and Happy Passover!

Hate me

Hate me. Hate me. Hate me because I hurt you. Directly. Intentionally. Good reasons to hate me: I punched you in the gut for no apparent reason I personally insulted your mother I said to your face, "I hate you" I betrayed our friendship I irrationally lashed out at...

What am I up to?

Each human being has a road to travel, a story to tell, and its relevant and important to that human. We can all be mindful of the world and still enjoy the life we have as individuals. I’m looking forward to see what comes next.

On being blind

Sometimes we act blind to the acts of others in order to give them the benefit of the doubt when they act basely. Other times we wear a veil that shields our eyes from actions which we know need to be taken, but have trouble reconciling with our moral compass.

Remembering a Friend

This post was originally written for HUC’s Blog of Continuing Jewish Learning on September 5, 2012. Bonia passed away August 30. He was a great inspiration to me personally, and I was honored and privileged to call him “friend.”

Why Do We Sing?

Our ability to express ourselves freely is important for two reasons: One, because in our vulnerability, when we emote, we become lucid communicators, letting others know our authentic selves; Two because when we experience others’ vulnerability and expressiveness, we become emboldened and empowered to express ourselves.

Ki Teitzei—Don’t Hide Your Eyes

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You hear from a friend, whether by mail, e-mail, or facebook, about some cause for which she is fundraising. Perhaps it’s a cause particularly close to her heart. But you know she’s reached out to hundreds of her friends. You know she...


For years, I’ve been teaching my bar/bat mitzvah students about time management and focus during studying. I developed a system by which students study for 5-10 minutes at a time, understanding that the brain fills up to a point and then loses focus. It was a great idea that I invented.

Or so I thought.


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