So Monica and I just celebrated our 10th anniversary! I wanted to give her a great gift for the occasion. Now, if you remotely know Monica, she doesn’t need much—she told me that all she wanted for the occasion was a flower, and maybe a nice pretty rock. Regarding the flower: No rose, definitely no carnation… just a nice flower.

It’s our 10th anniversary… for me, that wasn’t going to cut it, but I knew that jewelry or something fancy was the wrong way to go. Finally, inspiration hit me: I’d write a song! So, with a week to go, I sat at the piano at 1 in the morning while Monica was away on business and I got to writing. I was lucky that the muse was strong and I wrote her this:

You Are My Flower

Words & Music by Erik Contzius, ASCAP

Seeds blow on the wind
But so few ever take root
And even if one find purchase in fertile ground
It doesn’t mean that leaves will shoot

It takes patience and care
And a little bit of luck
For something special to grow
It’s been 10 years now
And I can’t believe
What started out as a seed
Has blossomed
Now I know

You are my flower
The treasure in my life
You inspire me
I’m happy to be
Your husband
And have you as my wife
You have this power
To bring sunshine and the rain
Our garden will thrive
As long as our love is alive

For ten Springs, ten summers,
We tended and nursed our beds
Ten falls, ten winters
Sometimes not knowing what lay ahead

Our roots are stable and strong
And however the wind blows
I’ll be there at your side
The day is long and the task is great
But we’ll do it together:
My love, my friend, my pride

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