Name of WorkDate of CompositionVoiced ForMusicaNeoTMPSheet Music Direct
M'khal (K'dushat Hayom for Yom Kippur)1996Solo, Keyboard
Shalom Rav1996Solo, SAB Choir, KeyboardTMP
Shehu Noteh Shamayim1996Congregation, Keyboard
Sim Shalom1997Solo, Congregation, KeyboardMusicaNeo
Yism'khu (after a Slonim niggun)1997Solo or Congregation, KeyboardMusicaNeo
Y'did Nefesh1998SAB Choir with divisi, a cappellaMusicaNeo
Psalm 1502001Solo, Congregation, KeyboardMusicaNeo
Hineih Mah Tov2002Solo, SATB Choir, KeyboardMusicaNeoTMP
Ein Keloheinu2003SATB Choir, KeyboardMusicaNeoTMP
Mi Khamokha2003Solo, SATB Choir, KeyboardMusicaNeo
T'fillah for Shabbat Evening2003Solo, SATB Choir, Congregation, KeyboardMusicaNeo
V'sham'ru2003Solo, SAB Choir, KeyboardMusicaNeo
Yih'yu L'ratzon2003Solo, KeyboardMusicaNeo
Candle Blessing for Kol Nidrei2004Solo, SATB Choir, KeyboardMusicaNeo
Eloheinu... R'tzei for Shabbat2004Solo, KeyboardMusicaNeo
Mi Shebeirakh - El Na R'fa Na La2004Solo, Congregation, KeyboardMusicaNeoTMP
Shabbat Is Here2004Congregation, KeyboardTMP
Y'varekhekha2004Solo, KeyboardMusicaNeoTMP
Our Task2006Solo, SATB Choir, KeyboardMusicaNeo
The Travelers' Prayer2006Solo, SATB Choir, KeyboardMusicaNeoTMP
The 23rd Psalm - Adonai Roi2007Solo, SA Choir, KeyboardMusicaNeoSMD
And Hannah Prayed2007Soprano, KeyboardMusicaNeoSMD
Lamdeini Elohai2007Solo, KeyboardTMP
Ya'aleh V'yavo for Shalosh R'galim2007Solo, Congregation, KeyboardMusicaNeo
Shehekheyanu (Solo)2008Solo, KeyboardMusicaNeoSMD
Candle Blessing for Shabbat20082 part voice, KeyboardMusicaNeoTMP
Mi Khamokha - We Shall Overcome2008Solo, Congregation, Keyboard
Shehekheyanu (Choral)2009Solo, SATB Choir, KeyboardMusicaNeoSMD
The Teaching of God2009SATB Choir, KeyboardMusicaNeoSMD
V'sham'ru II2009Solo, Keyboard
You Shall Love the Eternal God2009Solo, Congregation, KeyboardMusicaNeo
Mah Ashiv Ladonai - quid retribuam Domino2010SATB Choir, PianoMusicaNeoSMD
Shakhar Avakeshkha2010Soprano, Congregation, KeyboardMusicaNeoSMD
Kanah Shem Tov2010Solo, SAB Choir, Children's Chorus, Flute, Cello, PianoMusicaNeo
Modim2010Solo, Keyboard
O Let Me Behold Your Glory2010Solo, SATB Choir, KeyboardMusicaNeo
V'sham'ru III2010Solo, Congregation, KeyboardMusicaNeo
A Woman's Voice2011SSA Choir, PianoMusicaNeo
Sim Shalom (from 'Seder Ha-T'fillot')2011Solo, Congregation, KeyboardMusicaNeo
Uvakhodesh Hash'vi'i2011SATB Choir, KeyboardMusicaNeo
L'kha Dodi2012Solo, SATB Choir, KeyboardMusicaNeoSMD
Modim Anakhnu Lakh2012Solo, SATB Choir, KeyboardMusicaNeo
Nakhamu Ami2012Congregation, KeyboardMusicaNeo
Enosh Kekhatzir Yamav2013Solo, KeyboardMusicaNeoSMD
Mah Tovu2013Solo, SATB Choir, KeyboardMusicaNeoSMD
Sim Shalom II2014Solo, Congregation, KeyboardMusicaNeoSMD
Tik'u Vakhodesh Shofar2014Solo, Unison Choir, KeyboardMusicaNeoCCAR
Sh'ma Yisrael... The Divine Abounds Everywhere2016Solo, SATB Choir, KeyboardMusicaNeo
Kol Ha'olam Kulo - Karati Shimkha2018Solo, SATB Choir (a cappella)MusicaNeo
An Unstated Syllogism2020SAB & KeyboardSMD
Ose Shalom2021Solo, Congregation, KeyboardSMD
Ya'amod - Ta'amod2021Solo, KeyboardMusicaNeoSMD

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